Savoy Brown 1980-81

In September of 1980 I auditioned and got the gig with Kim Simmonds' Savoy Brown. The lineup included Ralph Mormon on vocals, Barry Paul on guitar and Keith Boyce on drums. It was a trip to find myself in a band I’d been such a fan of as a teenager. Our sound was a little harder edged. We were managed by Ira Blacker and recorded two albums together, Rock ‘n’ Roll Warriors and Greatest Hits Live, before I got fired late in 1981. I’d say the high point in the gig for me was opening for Judas Priest on a 25 date US arena tour. I’d wanted to be an arena rocker since I was 13 and here I was doing it at 24. But honestly, it wasn’t all I’d hoped, mainly because I wasn’t getting my tunes into the set. When Kim fired me for insubordination (wanting to get paid) I started work on an arena rock project of my own. Joe Cardosi road managed. With Andre McDougal, Jimmy Sickler and Frank Vincent crewing. WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY mp3
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