Pee-Wee Goes To Prison
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"Explodes the myth of American Justice through the window of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse."
John Humphrey:
Writer, Director, Editor and Sound Design.
Steve Rose:
Art Direction and Realization.
Tim Roller:
Director of Photography.

Ian Harris:
Pee-Wee, Cowboy Curtis, Jesse Ventura, Randy, Attorney Prosecutor, Prisoner, Prosecutor, Cool Cat.
Mark Humphrey:
Cop Two, Transvestite, Judge, DEA Agent, Prisoner, Prison Guard.
Wendel Meldrum:
Miss Yvonne, Chairry, Reporter, Public Defender, Jury Spokesperson, Mom.
Jeff Wincott: Team Leader, Cop 1, Baillif, Bart, Announcer.
Petite Henry:

TRT 12:16. Shot on the Fisher Price PXL2000, and the Sony TRV-900. Edited with Final Cut Pro 2.0.2 on a Mac G3 300 for PXL This 13, 2003.

Unbeknownst to Pee-Wee and crew, the Playhouse is surrounded by a SWAT team. And just as Conki delivers the day's secret word- Justice -all hell breaks loose. When the smoke clears, Pee-Wee finds himself under arrest- For manufacture and distribution of 'Yo'. Taken downtown and booked, the facts of the case are slowly revealed to him- he's been set up by Playhouse mean guy, Randy. Pee-Wee is abandoned by his big-time TV handlers. His public defendant recommends he cop a plea and take the 10 years, but Pee-Wee, innocent of the mechanics of drug law sentencing, goes to trial, where he faces a life sentence.

Pee-Wee's defense is no match for Randy's lies-he's found guilty and sent to prison where he narrowly escapes the worst of horrors. Meanwhile, on the outside, Miss Yvonne, Cowboy Curtis and the gang, mount a campaign to free Pee-Wee. Presidential candidate Jesse Ventura is persuaded to make Pee-Wee's release a part of his platform, and when later Jesse is elected president, not only does he free Pee-Wee, but all the non-violent 'Yo' offenders across the land.

Back at the Playhouse, Cowboy Curtis wrangles a face to face meeting with Randy and Pee-Wee. But Pee-Wee isn't bitter- He's proud to have played a part in the release of all the prisoners who didn't even have a campaign.
"Pee-Wee Goes To Prison" uses the hard-to-find Pee-Wee's Playhouse action figures with spot-on voice impersonations. Combines DV color with grainy PXL-2000 (toy camera) black and white.


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